Meet privacy focused & 100% anonymous DMCA ignored webhosting with excellent customer support available 24/7. We secure internet systems from shutoff , keep yours internet project online & your identity private. Register for a hassle-free webhosting experience! Visit our site

ANTI-DDOS SERVICES. We guarantee that client's services aren't influenced by DDoS. On request you'll be changed to enterprise level in-line DDoS filters, which can filter out malicious traffic and allow only legitimate traffic to your web site.

COMPETITIVE PRICES. We are not a reseller! Found a better deal? Let's negotiate if we could match it! We pay half less than many others because we market both ways,"inbound" for local customers,"outbound" for traffic delivered by our offshore customers.

OFFSHORE BENEFITS. Bitcoin payments accepted. 100% anonymous enrollment. Managing DMCA & copyright abuses more leniently. Much more flexible content policy. Solid offshore host since 2010.

99.9 PERCENT UPTIME GUARANTEE. It is a genuine guarantee backed up by SLA. Redundant Infrastructure. Hardware situated in European contemporary datacenters. Several uplinks and peering. Automated route optimization software.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT AVAILABLE 24/7. Our own customer assistance team operating 24/7. These same experienced tech experts have physical access to bare metal servers. 15 minutes to reply on your ticket.

BANDWIDTH EXCEED 400GBps. Using 400+ Gbps of IP traffic and also official LIR status from RIPE NCC , we rank as one of the largest providers in UA. Video streaming is driving demand for bandwidth usage and we have it at affordable rates!

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